Peter A. Diamond and Ei-ichi Negishi

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List of All IIE- and Fulbright-related Nobel Laureates

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At Right: Peter A. Diamond (Donna Coveney/MIT) and Ei-ichi Negishi (Andrew Hancock/Purdue)

Fulbright and IIE-related Nobel Prize Laureates

43 alumni of the Fulbright Program, which the Institute has been privileged to administer for the U.S. Department of State since the program’s inception in 1946, have now won Nobel Prizes. Since the Institute was established in 1919, 16 Nobel Prize winners were alumni of other IIE-administered programs and activities, and 7 have served as Trustees or advisers. The accomplishments of these Nobel Laureates, hailing from so many different nations, are a powerful testimony to the unique value of international education and exchange programs.


Name Relationship to Fulbright and IIE Category Year
Peter A. Diamond Fulbright Scholar, to Italy, 1999-00 Economics 2010
Ei-ichi Negishi Fulbright-Smith-Mundt Scholar, Japan to US, 1960-63 Chemistry 2010
Charles K. Kao IIE Visiting Lecturer, Hong Kong to US Physics 2009
Oliver Williamson Fulbright Scholar, to Italy, 1999 Economics 2009
Osamu Shimomura Fulbright Scholar, Japan to US, 1960 Chemistry 2008
Jean-Marie Le Clézio Fulbright Scholar, France to US, 1979 Literature 2008
Leonid Hurwicz Fulbright Scholar, US to India, 1965-66 Economics 2007
Mohammed Yunus Fulbright Fellow, Bangladesh to US, 1965 Peace 2006
Orhan Pamuk International Visitor, Turkey to US, 1985 Literature 2006
Aaron Ciechanover Fulbright Scholar, Israel to US, 1981-84 Chemistry 2004
Masatoshi Koshiba Fulbright Fellow, Japan to US, 1953-55 Physics 2002
Riccardo Giacconi Fulbright Fellow, Italy to US, 1956-58 Physics 2002
Joseph Stiglitz Fulbright Fellow, to UK, 1969-70 Economics 2001
George A. Akerlof Fulbright Scholar, to India, 1967-68 Economics 2001
Alan G. MacDiarmid Fulbright Fellow, New Zealand to US, 1950 Chemistry 2000
Amartya Sen IIE Visiting Professor, Bangladesh, 1974-75 Economics 1998
James A. Mirrlees IIE Consultant, UK to Pakistan, 1966-68 Economics 1996
Douglass C. North Fulbright Scholar, to Uruguay Economics 1993
Simon Kuznets IIE Advisor, US to Ethiopia and Korea, 1971-72 Economics 1991
Erwin Neher Fulbright Fellow, Germany to US, 1966 Medicine 1991
Trygve Haavelmo Fulbright Scholar, Norway to US, 1957-58 Economics 1989
Susumu Tonegawa Fulbright Fellow, Japan to US, 1963 Medicine 1987
James M. Buchanan Fulbright Scholar, to Italy, 1955; to UK, 1961 Economics 1986
Wole Soyinka IIE Travel Grantee, Nigeria to US, 1968 Literature 1986
Franco Modigliani Fulbright Scholar, to Italy, 1961-62 Economics 1985
Carlo Rubbia Fulbright Fellow, Italy to US, 1958-59 Physics 1984
William A. Fowler Fulbright Fellow, to England, 1954-55 Physics 1983
Bengt Samuelsson Fulbright Scholar, 1961, Sweden to US, 1961 Medicine 1982
Philip W. Anderson Fulbright Scholar, to Japan, 1953-54 Physics 1977
Rosalyn S. Yalow Fulbright Scholar, to Portugal Medicine 1977
Milton Friedman Fulbright Scholar, to UK, 1953-54 Economics 1976
Wassily Leontief Fulbright Scholar, to France, 1961-62 Economics 1973
Henry A. Kissinger IIE Trustee, 1999 - ; Fulbright Scholar to India, 1962-63 Peace 1973
Kenneth Arrow Fulbright Scholar, US to Italy, 1995 Economics 1972
Hannes Alfven Fulbright Scholar, Sweden to US, 1954-55 Physics 1970
Paul Samuelson Fulbright Scholar, to Asia, 1972 Economics 1970
Jan Tinbergen IIE Advisor, Norway to Pakistan, 1965 Economics 1969
Max Delbruck Emergency Committee Scholar, Germany to US, 1930s Medicine 1969
Lars Onsager Fulbright Scholar, to England, 1951-52 Chemistry 1968
Hans Bethe Fulbright Scholar, to UK, 1955 Physics 1967
Robert S. Mulliken Fulbright Scholar, to England, 1952-54 Chemistry 1966
Charles H. Townes Fulbright Scholar, to France and Japan, 1955 Physics 1964
Giorgos Seferis Fulbright Scholar, Greece to US, 1968-69 Literature 1963
Linus Pauling* Fulbright Scholar to Yugoslavia, 1988 Peace 1962
John Steinbeck Fulbright Scholar, to Europe, 1963 Literature 1962
James D. Watson Fulbright Scholar, to Argentina, 1986 Medicine 1962
Emilio Segre Fulbright Scholar, to Italy, 1950 Physics 1959
Joshua Lederberg Fulbright Scholar, to Australia, 1957 Medicine 1958
Chen Ning Yang Fulbright Scholar, to Brazil, Egypt, Malaysia, 1974 Physics 1957
Roy Glauber Fulbright Scholar, to France, 1954 Physics 2005
Linus Pauling* Fulbright Scholar, to Yugoslavia, 1988 Chemistry 1954
Edward M. Purcell IIE Graduate Student, to Germany, 1933-1934 Physics 1952
Felix Bloch Emergency Committee Scholar, 1933; Fulbright, 1959 Physics 1952
Ralph Bunche IIE Trustee, 1950 – 1970 Peace 1950
Bernardo A. Houssay IIE Fellow, Argentina to US, 1947-48 Medicine 1947
Lord Edgar A.R.G. Cecil IIE Visiting Lecturer, UK to US, 1920s Peace 1937
Sir Norman Angell IIE Visiting Lecturer, UK to US, 1920s - 1940s Peace 1933
Nicholas Murray Butler IIE Founder and Trustee, 1919 – 1923 Peace 1931
Thomas Mann Emergency Committee Scholar, Germany to US, 1930s Literature 1929
James Franck Emergency Committee Scholar, Germany to US, 1930s Physics 1925
Christian L. Lange IIE Visiting Lecturer, Norway to US, 1933 Peace 1921
Sir William L. Bragg IIE Visiting Lecturer, UK to US, 1920s Physics 1915
Elihu Root IIE Founder Peace 1912
Sir William Ramsay IIE Visiting Lecturer, UK to US, 1920s Chemistry 1904