Scholar Rescue Fund named Charity of the Year 2011

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Scholar Rescue Fund: Charity of the Year 2011

Fund Honored by Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards

LONDON, November 24, 2011—The Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF) of the Institute of International Education (IIE) is honored to have been selected as “Charity of the Year 2011” by Times Higher Education, and to have been recognized at the THE Leadership and Management Awards Ceremonies on June 16th and November 24th. These awards represent a unique opportunity to celebrate the excellence and achievements of UK higher education institutions and partnering organizations.

The November 24 event was an outstanding occasion with over 1,200 chancellors, vice chancellors and other high level UK higher education sector representatives in attendance. SRF received recognition for its nine years of commitment to rescuing threatened scholars from around the world whose lives and careers are in danger. The award was accepted by a close friend to IIE, Dr. Joanna Newman, Director of the UK Higher Education International Unit (IU). Dr. Newman is also Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Southampton and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. An Iraqi SRF Scholar Grantee joined Dr. Newman at the podium and spoke to the audience about her experience as an SRF grant recipient.

The Iraqi Scholar was a researcher in the fields of political science and anthropology in Baghdad for more than five years and taught courses on international relations, political systems, and human rights. The Scholar’s research includes work on American foreign policy towards the Middle East, Iraqi politics and political systems, and Iraqi foreign policy. Awarded SRF support in August 2009, the Scholar joined an exemplary Higher Education Institution in the UK in 2010. The Iraqi Scholar’s participation in the Times Higher Education event was supported as part of the SRF Hite Chair Scholar Lecture Series, established through the generosity of the Hite Foundation Chair for Communications of the Scholar Rescue Fund.

The awards event reaffirmed the UK higher education sector’s commitment to the mission of the Scholar Rescue Fund. Donations that evening, and at the June 2011 ceremony where IIE Trustee and SRF Board Member Denise Benmosche accepted the award on behalf of SRF, totaled more than $25,000. With this overwhelming response from THE community, the event has also ignited the interest of potential new SRF host institutions in the UK.

Read the news release about the June 16th Times Higher Education Awards Ceremony


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