Thai Emergency Student Fund Recipient Nuttada Panpradist

Emergency Student Fund Recipient Nuttada Panpradist

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With financial help from the IIE Emergency Student Fund (supported by the Freeman Foundation) following record-level flooding across Thailand in the fall of 2011, Nuttada Panpradist was able to continue her education at North Seattle Community College:

"As a recipient of an IIE ESF grant, I am thankful for having opportunity to continue studying in my Nanotechnology program. Without this, my education in the USA would be just a dream.  I do not know how much we were financially effected in terms of figures, but it was dramatic enough that my parents requested me to return my home country.

I had a chance to continue my education during Winter quarter while working part-time as a tutor at the Math Learning center in the admissions office.  Every moment at NSCC is like a miracle and I want to make it count.

This Spring quarter, I completed my capstone project at the Department of Bioengineering. Under the supervision of Dr. Barry Lutz, we developed point-of-care HIV diagnostics. By this method, HIV detection can be carried out without the requirement of skilled personnel and an expensive laboratory setting. This was an exceptional opportunity for me to work with the faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students at the department I’m studying in. In addition, I was offered a summer position as a research engineer to study the effect of drug resistance in HIV patients. I am very excited for what is coming.

I was honored to present my capstone project in front of the National Science Foundation representatives during their visit to the Nanotechnology program at NSCC.  It was a valuable experience for a Thai student like me to be a part of.

On top of that, this morning, I presented my poster regarding my capstone project at the Making Learning Visible symposium. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to share my study and research, and I hope this will attract more students in the field of engineering and nanotechnology, especially women. I am the only female student in Nanotechnology program, so I truly hope to see more female students in the program."

I would like to thank you again. Even though I do not know how far I can continue my education, I will do my best.  I attempt to make each penny I received from this grant worthwhile."

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