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Higher Education Readiness Program Participant Kalkidan

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Kalkidan is an orphan who has lived with her older sister since her parents’ passing when she was still a child. Their only source of income is their brother’s salary. Kalkidan is responsible for all the housework, including washing dishes and clothes, cleaning house and other chores. Her sister has asked her to leave home and live on her own after taking the 10th grade final exam.

Although she walks 45 minutes to school every day, she says that school is her sanctuary, because it is a place that has given her an opportunity to learn and a place that rejuvenates her mind. She enjoys working on class assignments and other group projects. Kalkidan’s dream is to be a medical doctor.

She says, “Even if I faced different obstacles in my own home, with my sister, and struggling day to day to succeed in my education, I believe and I know that I will be what I wish to be in the future. I want to study natural science, especially biology, to reach my goal.  I want study theatrical art also, without affecting my education so that I will have enough money to support street children and orphans. Also I want to share my life experience and how I cope with different challenges that I have faced and how I became a successful young girl, a doctor, an actress and also a young professional who establishes her own orphan center called ‘Kal Orphans Support Organization’. After nine years, I believe I will make these dreams comes true with endurance, courage and vigor.”

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