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Higher Education Readiness Program Participant Rediet

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Rediet is a 16-year-old who lives in Addis Ababa with her parents, five sisters and a brother.  Her father is currently employed at a private printing press. Her mother dropped out of school in the sixth grade and is currently a housewife.  In her household, Rediet is responsible for several domestic chores.

What she likes most about school is the method of teaching, which she says makes it easy for students to learn. She also likes the different clubs which help students to develop their skills in different areas. She believes that “schools are places to produce the next generation…a person surrounded with good people has a better opportunity of reaching his/her goal. We all need to be good people to win the bad around us. Hence, I like all that is good in my school because it’s a guarantee for me to complete my education well.”

Rediet’s dream is to be a cardiologist because the heart’s functioning is critical to survival. “I want to become a cardiologist because I want to treat the most important body part,” said Rediet. “It is especially agonizing to see babies and young people suffer from heart disease.”

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