Joel, a Baker Hughes Scholar, was recognized as one of the top students in the economics department at Agostinho Neto University in Angola, and with a scholarship from the Baker Hughes Foundation, was able to graduate at the top of his class. He believes that companies in the oil and gas fields, such as Baker Hughes, play a crucial role in Angola’s reconstruction and has expressed a desire to see his country investing more in other important sectors of the economy as well, such as agriculture and development. After graduation, his passion drove him to complete an internship with the Department of Finance and Accounting at Baker Hughes, which enabled him to round out his academic studies with professional experience.

Joel recently started working as an Assistant Professor at Neto University and is continuing to make an impact at his alma matter.

Funded by the Baker Hughes Foundation and administered by IIE, the Baker Hughes Scholars Program in Angola provides select students in engineering, geosciences and business related fields with a scholarship toward the completion of their undergraduate degree. Since the inception of the program in 2008, 106 outstanding students have had their lives changed by the scholarship.

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