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Beyond Student Recruitment: 5 Places Universities Should Watch in 2013

By: IIE on Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crossposted from the Chronicle of Higher Education’s WorldWise blog

“International-student recruitment will undoubtedly remain a priority in 2013 for American colleges and universities. China, of course, will continue to be a major focus of those efforts, in addition to new growth markets, like Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Venezuela. At the Institute, however, we have been working with American higher-education institutions to engage with other countries and regions in ways that go beyond student recruitment,” IIE President Allan Goodman writes for the Chronicle of Higher Education’s WorldWise blog.

Allan E. Goodman with schoolchildren in IndonesiaAlong with Brazil and Indonesia, countries that Goodman highlights as places eager to explore international academic collaboration are Myanmar, Ethopia, and Syria.

“These countries and regions may not all be the obvious places to focus your institution’s attention, but we believe that truly international campuses should engage with the world in many different ways. The issues confronting today’s world require leaders with the ability to understand and address both local and global challenges,” he writes.

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  • Minkner said:
    3/19/2013 5:40 AM

    It is really nice what you tried to do. For the students this is something important and please continue in the same manner.

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