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"Education is the orphan of any war. It is absolutely imperative that we step up to help Syrian students so that we do not lose an entire generation of leaders."

-IIE President and CEO Allan E. Goodman

"This war is going to stop eventually and all we're going to have is perhaps a quarter of students able to finish their degrees. We're losing them just when we need them the most."

-Syrian-born astrophysicist, Rim Turkmani | Times Higher Education

There are more than 100,000 university-qualified refugees currently scattered throughout the Middle East and Europe. Many more remain in Syria unable to continue their studies. If we don’t support these individuals, we risk losing a generation of students who want nothing more than to learn so that one day they can contribute to rebuilding their country.

The United States is temporarily home to approximately 800 Syrian students who came here to pursue their education at colleges and universities. Many, if not all, are unable to go home. Some have lost everything – their families, their homes, and the financial resources to stay in school.

Since 2012, IIE has been working with universities and organizations around the world to help students whose education has been disrupted or delayed. IIE has been raising funds to provide them with the support they desperately need to continue or complete their studies and help build a pathway to a better future for all of us.

Education can be a strong force against hatred and a profound source of hope. Help us offer hope and a way forward to more of these students.

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100% of designated donations will go towards Syrian student support.