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About the Office

IIE's European office is located in Budapest, Hungary. Founded in 1990, this office represents IIE's program operations in Europe. Covering approximately 30 countries in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, the office focuses on:

  • Supporting and strengthening internationalization of universities
  • Offering professional development opportunities for higher education professionals
  • Developing and managing scholarship programs for European students
  • Developing and managing study abroad programs for foreign students in Europe
  • Collaborating with corporate partners to design and implement programs and services that meet their specific corporate needs and philanthropic objectives
  • Supporting English language teaching and testing
  • Hosting year-round¬†internships for International Education-interested college students or recent graduates


Agnes Vajda

Ágnes Vajda
E-mail: avajda@iie.eu
Tel: (+ 36 1) 472.2250


Katalin Toth

Katalin Toth
Finance Assistant
E-mail: ktoth@iie.eu
Tel: (+36 1) 472.2283


 Noemi Csabay

Noémi Csabay
Program Assistant,
Scholarship Programs 
E-mail: ncsabay@iie.eu
Tel: (+36 1) 472.2282


Nóra Németh

Nóra Németh
Program Coordinator,
EducationUSA Europe
E-mail: nnemeth@iie.eu
Tel: (+36 1) 472.2297


Valéria Szabó

Valéria Szabó
Program Manager,
Scholarship Programs
E-mail: vszabo@iie.eu
Tel: (+36 1) 472.2257


Justin Van Dyke


Justin van Dyke
Outreach Officer, NYU Abu Dhabi
E-mail: jvandyke@iie.eu
Tel: (+36 1) 472.2259


 Borbala Barnahazi

Borbála Barnaházi
Program Manager,
Scholarship Programs
E-mail: bbarnahazi@iie.eu
Tel: (+36 1) 472.2256


Sara Orr Saiz

Sara Orr Saiz
Outreach Officer, NYU Abu Dhabi
E-mail: sorr@iie.eu
Tel: (+36 1) 472.2254


 Nike Szkarosi

Niké Szkárosi
Program Coordinator
E-mail: nszkarosi@iie.eu
Tel: (+36 1) 472.2285


 Cheryl Francisconi

Cheryl Francisconi 
Regional Education Advising Coordinator (REAC) 
EducationUSA Europe
E-mail: cfrancisconi@iie.eu
Tel: (+36 1) 472.2296


 Klara Kling

Klara Kling
Finance Manager
E-mail: kkling@iie.eu
Tel: (+36 1) 472.2253


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