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For over 80 years, the Institute of International Education has been a leader in the area of scholarship and training programs for Latin America. In the early 1930s, IIE established a separate Latin America Division in New York, and opened its current Latin America regional office in Mexico City in 1974.

Among its key services, IIE/Latin America administers programs spanning a number of strategic areas in higher education. IIE is a leader in providing scholarship management services to public and private sponsors in the U.S. and abroad. The Institute specializes in the management of scholarship and fellowship programs for undergraduate and graduate students, scholars and professionals to study at leading universities in the U.S., Latin America and around the world.

IIE also works to expand access to English language skills, which are critical for opening doors to academic opportunity in the region. In Latin America, IIE’s work in this area includes: administration of one of the largest TOEFL Institutional Testing Programs in the world and testing and training of English language teachers and supervisors.

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