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Since its founding in 1919, IIE global headquarters have been located in New York City. Managing international education exchange programs in the Western Hemisphere since its earliest days of operation, IIE has over the past 90 years opened additional offices throughout the United States and Latin America to serve this region.

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The Institute of International Education (IIE) has eight offices located in the Americas. IIE Headquarters are located in New York City; regional offices are located in Washington D.C., Chicago, Denver, Houston, and San Francisco in the United States, and in Mexico City in Latin America. Its many offices and long-standing presence in the Western Hemisphere enable the Institute to create a broad network with deep ties to universities, advising centers, foundations, corporations, government agencies, and NGOs in the region.


Scholarship Management

IIE specializes in the management of undergraduate and graduate scholarships for students throughout the Western Hemisphere. Services in Latin America include program and application design, recruitment and selection, visa sponsorship, university placement, financial management, pre-departure orientation programs, and student monitoring and advising, among others.

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The IIE Latin America office offers a full array of event management services, which include providing logistical and financial arrangements for conference participants both domestically and overseas. Some of the most notable conferences organized by the IIE/Latin America office include: North American University Presidents Conference; Fulbright New Century Scholars; Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health in Mexico and; The Educational Advising Conferences.

Representative Programs in the Americas

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Research & Publications

IIE's publications and policy research offer timely analysis of criticial issues in international education.

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