Program Design

As part of the Advancing Sustainability Research initiative, Alcoa regional offices are partnering with local NGOs, research institutes and universities to conduct forward-thinking research leading to actionable solutions.

The program’s research initiatives will focus on:

  • Improved environmental practices for local communities or corporations
  • Informed public policy decisions and standards
  • Innovative design utilizing lightweight materials
  • Advanced methods for lightweight materials research and life cycle assessment

Participants in the Alcoa Foundation Advancing Sustainability Research initiative include researchers at universities, NGOs and research institutions, in cooperation with experts and volunteers from Alcoa’s offices around the world. The goal is to enable some of the most innovative researchers in10 different targeted sustainability fields to engage with experts and their local communities to develop actionable solutions that can be shared with researchers and practitioners around the world.   

In seven key regions around the world, partners selected with Alcoa regional leadership will work on 10 research initiatives that are aligned with Alcoa’s sustainability priorities and areas of importance.

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