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Chinese Public Policy: Promoting a Low-Carbon Economy

Mr. WEI Jianguo is the Secretary-General of CCIEE and a member of the Central Party Committee's Discipline Inspection Panel. He has served as a senior leader in many important government departments and has taken part in policy-making and research on topics such as energy-saving, sustainable development, and climate change. Mr. Wei has rich managerial experience in sustainable economies. From June 2001 to March 2003, he was the Vice Minister of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.

Ms. CHEN Wenling is the Chief Economist of CCIEE; Research Fellow, Postgraduate Supervisor of Nankai University and Beijing Normal University; and a Professor at Peking University and University of International Business and Economics. She is Vice Chairman of the China Marketing Association, China Business & Economic Association and China Logistics Association. Chen Wenling has numerous research accomplishments in the fields of modern circulation, modern logistics, modern business, modern social credit theory, foreign capital and macro-economics. She has published 15 works and translations, which include: A Report and Demonstration on China's Economic Social Frontier Problems, Original Research of Fundamental Modern Circulation Theory, New Theory of Circulation, Integration of Modern Circulation and Foreign and Domestic Business, The Leap of Wenzhou--From Traditional Credit to Modern Credit, Here We Go--Modern Credit Supports Nanning's Take-Off, Japanese Macro-Circulation System and Enterprise Management Mechanisms, Reflections on Chinese Macro-Economics. She has published over 200 academic theses and research reports in national core periodicals, important newspapers and magazines such as Economic Social System Comparison, Economics Trends, Finance & Trade Economics, People's Daily, Economic Daily, and China Economic Times.

Mr. ZENG Shaojun earned his Ph.D in Economics. He is the Senior Researcher of CCIEE, Executive Director of CDM R&D Center of Tsinghua University, Panel Expert of Project Evaluation at the CDM Approval Council of NDRC, and Secretary-General of the Chamber of Commerce for New Energy at the National Association of Industry and Commerce. He also is the chief representative of China's industrial and commercial circles in international climate negotiations. His research areas include national strategies and public policies for addressing climate change. He was the chief editor and participant of six monographs, and has published more than thirty articles in Chinese and international journals, including one international authoritative SCI article, 13 articles in national core periodicals, three articles in international academic journals, and five domestic and international conference proceedings. In addition, he has led two international cooperative projects and one domestic project, as well as participated in three other projects. Dr. Zeng attended the Copenhagen Climate Conference in 2009 as the chief representative of China's industrial and commercial circles. His monograph, Carbon Emissions Reduction: Chinese Experiences - A Survey Based on CDM, analyzes China's experience in carbon emissions reduction comprehensively. It is a summary of Dr. Zeng's personal experience consulting and managing projects relating to CDM and climate change and his research on relevant policies. Some of Dr. Zeng's research findings were submitted to senior governmental officials and have made substantial impact on relevant policies.

Ms. TANG Lin graduated with a M.Sc. in Economics from the ESSEC Business School in France. She is engaged in economic research and has organized international conferences, such as the International Cooperative Conference on Green Economy and Climate Change which was held in June 2010. Before joining CCIEE, she worked as Assistant Director at the Beijing New-Century Academy on Transitional Corporations and Research Center for Transitional Corporations of the Ministry of Commerce.

Mr. ZHANG Huanbo has a Ph.D in Management Science and is an Associated Researcher of CCIEE. He has published a monograph entitled "Analysis of China, U.S. and EU Climate Policies" and a number of articles in Chinese and international journals. He has led and participated in various national and international research projects. His research areas include low-carbon economics, climate policy, environmental policy, and resource economics.

Mr. ZHOU Zhiyong graduated with an M.Sc. in Banking and Finance in Emerging Economies from the University of Reading, UK. He has participated in a number of energy-related research projects. He excels at synthesizing literature reviews and conducting independent data analysis.

Mr. CUI Wei earned his Ph.D in Management Science from Beijing Normal University. He is now working in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. His research areas include social governance and public policy.

Ms. ZHOU Jing is a Ph.D candidate in Beijing Normal University. His research area includes public policy.

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