Alcoa Academos E-Mentoring Participant Sebastien Nielly doing machine work during his internshipAcademos E-Mentoring

Academos E-Mentoring is the premier e-mentoring organization in Canada.  It assists youth from Quebec province to persevere in their academic endeavors and develop their career goals by matching them with professionals in various fields through its e-mentoring platform. The youth unemployment rate in Quebec is 13.7%. As a participant in the Alcoa Foundation’s Global Internship Program for Unemployed Youth, Academos E-Mentoring will receive $125,000 to provide a customized workforce development program to 50 unemployed youth in Quebec.

Alcoa Academos E-Mentoring: Cédrick Rivest with is colleagues during the break.The Academos E-Mentoring will entail the following components:

1. Workforce Readiness and Counseling:

Academos E-Mentoring will help participants acquire soft skills such as teamwork, time management, business writing and self-awareness. 




2. Paid Internships:

Alcoa Academos E-Mentoring participant Damien St-Armand Meunier fixing a machine.Once participants have successfully completed the workforce readiness component, they will be matched with manufacturing companies in order to complete 100 hours of internship experience.  The internships will include safety trainings and specific hands-on projects. Academos E-Mentoring will monitor and evaluate the internships to identify participants’ achievements.




Alcoa Academos E-Mentoring participants doing industrial mechanical reparation.3. Career Planning and Placement:

Academos E-Mentoring will match participants with appropriate professionals through its e-mentoring platform. The assigned mentors, along with Academos E-Mentoring staff, will help participants finalize their CVs, develop a job search plan, and prepare for job interviews. 

Alcoa Academos E-Mentoring participant Rémi Lalancette fixing a machine.Below are some of the best practices used by Academos E-Mentoring.

About the Partnership-French

Internship Intent Form-English

Internship Intent Form-French

 Alcoa Academos E-Mentoring participant Cédrick Rivest fixing a machine.

Alcoa Academos E-Mentoring participants: Damien St-Amand Meunier andCédrick Rivest

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