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Mission Locale Sarthe Nord (Mission Locale) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to training and jobs to unemployed young people in the town of Sarthe Nord, in the Pays de la Loire district of northwestern France. Annually, Mission Locale provides services to more than 2,500 youth. While the general unemployment rate in Sarthe Nord is 10%, the youth unemployment rate in the area is 25%.

Alcoa-MissionLocale-Thiriet-GroupShotMission Locale ’s workforce development program will consists of three modules:

Module 1

During the first program module, participants will receive soft-skills training, which will prepare them for their internship experiences. The soft-skills training will address topics such as time-management, teamwork, on-the-job communication skills, and negotiation.


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Module 2

During the second program module, participants will intern at manufacturing companies. Mission Locale will mobilize at least 20 local manufacturers to serve as internship sites. Each company will appoint an employee as an internship tutor. The internship tutor will introduce participants to the company and its culture and will serve as a point of contact and mentor for the participants throughout the course of their internships. The internships will enable the youth to engage in hands-on projects, as well as to understand the organization, and processes of a manufacturing company. In addition, as part of the internship, participants will be introduced to various career opportunities within the company.

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Module 3

During the third program module, participants will engage in career planning and job searches. As part of this module, participants will learn how to draft resumes and cover letters, and how to complete job applications. In addition, they will practice interviewing skills and receive career mentoring by professionals from targeted sectors such as manufacturing and food processing. At the end of the third module, the participants will participate in a career fair.

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