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The Pump is a UK-based charity located in the Shard End area of Birmingham. It provides holistic and integrated services to disadvantaged young people in order to inspire and motivate them to be the best they can be. Almost 50% of the young people residing in Shard End are unemployed and out of school and face barriers to finding employment due to intergenerational poverty and joblessness.  As a participant in the Alcoa Foundation’s Global Internship Program for Unemployed Youth, the Pump will receive $125,000 to provide a customized workforce development program to 50 unemployed young men and women from East Birmingham.

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The Pump program will include the following components:


1. Workplace Training and Counseling:

Participants will undertake an accredited course including topics such as employer expectations, working in teams, problem solving, performance assessment, coaching, constructive feedback, math, English and computer literacy. In addition, Pump staff will administer a full diagnostic assessment of all participants to understand their specific learning needs and devise Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) that will outline their goals, fears and expectations. The ILPs will be reviewed monthly to track achievements and address any potential barriers to progress.



2. Manufacturing Company Placement:

The Pump will ensure that program participants are placed in companies that offer them a range of opportunities and allow them to explore working in different functions of the business. In addition, the Pump will ensure that companies provide practical assignments for the interns to carry out. At the conclusion of the internships, the Pump and each company will conduct a comprehensive performance appraisal of each participant, mapping out achievements and development areas. This appraisal will be used in the career planning phase to help identify possible employment opportunities for participants.

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3. Career Planning and Placement:

The Pump will schedule one-on-one career planning meetings with participants. The meetings will entail exploring participant options, education and training requirements for desired jobs, as well as conducting a thorough job search. In addition, staff will assist participants in developing their CVs and will prepare them for job interviews. The Pump will also organize job fairs with the manufacturing companies where participants interned, as well as other local businesses.

Below are some of the best practices used by The Pump. Alcoa-ThePump-Tour-Photo1

Work Star-Organisation-Guide (535 KB, PDF)

Work Star-User Guide (435 KB, PDF)

Work Star-Action Plan (1.4 MB, PDF)

Work Star-Journey of Change (1.4 MB, PDF)

Work Star-Star Chart (1.0 MB, PDF)

Work Star-Star Chart 2 (96.4 KB, PDF)

Work Star-Star Notes (1.9 MB, PDF)

This video is from February 28th, 2014 at The PUMP Alcoa Internship launch event. Participants in the program share their stories and experiences.


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