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JP and Supervisor

He was technically capable, personally engaging, reliable, and honest. We depended on him to perform more than most new hires at big companies do.

- Blue Stamp Engineering

[She] was extremely intelligent and hard-working. She learned quickly and excelled in the laboratory. She developed an LC-MS/MS assay to measure oxysterol/sterol species out of biological samples.

- Pfizer, Inc.

[The student] was really able to apply his project management skills to may of our current internal processes and offer good advice for improvement. His fresh insight into some of our long standing projects was also very valuable.

- Pearson

[He] consistently showed a tremendous work ethic, thirst for knowledge and opportunity, and punctuality. He was always well dressed, well-spoken and conscientious of the work environment.

- Integrated Axis Group


[He] was extremely driven and proactive. He interacted very well with all members of the extended Group. He was thoughtful in his experimental design and data analyses. He provided data-driven recommendations that changed the research plan. Overall, his data provided a significant contribution to critical path objectives in our Group.

- Abbvie, Inc.



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