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Items covered by IIE, on behalf of CAPES, for BSMP Graduate Students
  • All tuition and mandatory academic or facilities fees and health insurance fees (Host institutions must invoice IIE directly)
  • Orientation fees and any other mandatory academic fees
Items not covered by IIE for BSMP Graduate Students
  • Housing, meals, books, property damage, or medical fees
  • Students will be responsible for any insurance fees related to their dependents, if they choose to bring any of their family to the U.S. in the future
  • English classes’ fees will not be covered unless they are a requirement of the student’s host institution. Students may enroll in an English course if it is at no additional cost. It is often possible to audit English classes as long as there are no additional fees associated with that class
Items covered by CAPES for BSMP Graduate Students
  • An initial one-time settling-in stipend and a monthly living stipend, the amount of which varies by location. Students are expected to cover housing, meals, and class materials with their stipends from CAPES
  • One round-trip ticket to the student’s host institution

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