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"I spent all four summers of undergrad working in the lab... I always felt like I was missing something from not experiencing living in a foreign country. I view this CESRI program as my second chance to taste studying abroad. And I will eternally be thankful for this opportunity."
– 2006 CESRI Fellow

The 2010 CESRI application deadline is past.

Detailed Instructions

All applicants should review the detailed instructions on application procedure before beginning the online application.

Application Form

The Summer 2010 application is an online web-based form with PDF printout. Two (2) references must be attached, along with transcripts.

2010 Online Application Form

  • Foreign Language Self-Evaluation Form (34.3 KB, DOC)
    Print and complete this form assessing your language ability, if necessary. If you have alternate countries, complete this form for each of the languages necessary.
  • 2010 Reference Form (29.9 KB, PDF).
    Print it out and give to your referees to complete. Once completed by the referees, it should be enclosed (in a sealed and signed envelope) with your complete application.

    All applicants must complete two steps when applying in the 2010 CESRI competition. First, the form must be submitted online using the web-based application. Second, all applications must be submitted in hard copy, with all supporting documents, to IIE's New York Office by the deadline. Refer to the Detailed Application Instructions for more information.

  • Sample Blank Application (250.4 KB, PDF)
    Print for the paper application. The online application system will auto-fill the form for you using the proper formatting.


IIE will notify all applicants as to their status in early April 2010.

Application Instructions

All Applicants Must:

  1. Have U.S. citizenship, or permanent residence in the U.S.
  2. Be a current Master's or Ph.D. student at an American university in one of the following fields: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, or Mathematics.

The program is intended for scientific research projects; thus field-work, policy, ethics and related disciplines will not be considered. Also, projects involving clinical research on human subjects will not be accepted.

Preference will be given to proposals in fields that are underrepresented in international scientific exchanges.

Deadline: February 1, 2010 for the Summer 2010 Institute

The Application Includes:

Completing the Application

General Do's and Don'ts when completing an Application

  • Do not use all lower case (vivienne lee) or upper case (VIVIENNE LEE) in completing any section of the application. Use the traditional format, Vivienne Lee.
  • Do not use "NA" in any field. If you have no middle initial, leave it blank.
  • Do not use parentheses, slash marks or dashes in telephone numbers. Instead use spaces to separate numbers, e.g. (212 555 4444).
  • Do not staple or tape pages/pieces to the application.

Host Country Priorities: Please select your preferred host country, and a 2nd or 3rd choice, from the drop down menus. Multi-country proposals are not acceptable.

Field of Proposed Study: Identify the field of study that most closely fits with your project.

Mailing Address: Your mailing address MUST be valid until April 15, 2010. If you need to change your address before or after this date, please send an email to cesri@iie.org.

(GPA) Grade Point Average: Please indicate the cumulative GPA for each degree received.

Honors/Awards/Fellowships/Extra-Curricular Activities: Using the space provided (you may attach additional sheets if needed), please list any honors, awards, fellowships and/or extra-curricular activities that you have received or in which you have participated.

Previous Relevant Research Experience: Using the space provided (you may attach additional sheets, if needed), please highlight any relevant or similar research experience you have had which may benefit your research during the Summer Institute.

Proposed Host Institution(s): List the university/organization(s) in the host country with which you intend to affiliate. Also list any specific department, laboratory, and contact person (if you have one already). If you do not know where you might want to affiliate, leave this blank.

NSF GK-12 Fellows: This section is for applicants in the NSF GK-12 Program. If you are a GK-12 Fellow or Alum, complete this section. Otherwise, answer "No" and skip this section.

Two essays are required. Do not exceed the page limit noted for each essay. Text must be single spaced using standard, non-script 11-12 point font only.

Two references are required. It is recommended that all references be from faculty members or other senior individuals qualified to comment on your abilities and potential as a scientific researcher. One reference must be from your current research adviser. (If you do not have a research adviser yet, ask your academic adviser or Department Chair.) References should be submitted with the application in sealed envelopes, signed across the flap. See form for details.

An official transcript from each of an applicant's degree awarding institution(s) must be submitted, including the current institution.

Submitting the Application

After submitting online, print the PDF and submit the hard copy of the application form and essays (to be received by February 1, 2010) to:

US Student Programs
NSF/DAAD CESRI Grants Competition

Institute of International Education
809 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

All application pieces must be submitted in a single package.

  • No faxed or emailed applications will be accepted.
  • IIE cannot acknowledge the receipt of applications or other documents. If you want to be certain that your application packet was received at IIE, then send it by a method that will provide return receipt.
  • Once submitted, application materials cannot be returned.

Remember to sign your application

Applicants will be notified by mail in early April 2010 of the competition's results. If you must withdraw your application at any point in the competition, please notify IIE immediately.

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