Through this unique scholarship opportunity, ExxonMobil aims to contribute to the expansion of a creative, globally competent workforce in Angola, with a primary focus on geosciences.

All applicants for The Esso Angolan Scholars Program must be citizens of Angola, hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in Geosciences and be able to demonstrate English language competency. Applicants do not need to currently be residing in Angola, although they must demonstrate Angolan citizenship .

Finalists for the scholarship are invited to a two day short course event held in Houston, Texas. Short course attendees will develop business skills related to the energy industry and network with Angolan colleagues. Recipients will receive full tuition for the completion of a Master’s degree in the field of Geosciences. Scholarship recipients will be placed by the Institute of International Education in a leading university in the United States or the United Kingdom, according to the strengths and research interests of the applicant. Recipients receive full tuition, housing and living expense stipends, medical insurance, as well as textbook and computer allowances. The award also includes transportation to the host country, visa and academic support, an orientation program, and a yearly professional development and networking conference. Summer internships with ExxonMobil are also possible.

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