Q: What is The Esso Angolan Scholars Program?

A: The Esso Angolan Scholars Program is a competitive scholarship program which provides highly qualified students from Angola with a fully-funded scholarship towards the completion of a Master's degree in the field of Geosciences at a university in the United States or the United Kingdom. Eligible applicants will have a Bachelor’s degree from an institution in the United States or the United Kingdom in Geosciences by the program start date. Some students may qualify for the opportunity to apply their skills through internships with ExxonMobil as an approved part of their academic program.

Through this unique scholarship opportunity administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE), ExxonMobil aims to contribute to the expansion of a creative, globally competent workforce in Angola. Recipients of the scholarship will demonstrate a history of academic excellence, research and technical aptitude, as well as exceptional cultural adaptability. Although applicants do not need to be currently residing in Angola, they must be Angolan citizens with a valid Angolan passport.

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Q: Who chooses the university where I pursue my degree?

A: IIE will review all selected applications and work with ExxonMobil on determining an appropriate academic program. The final decision of the location and focus of the academic program is finalized by ExxonMobil and IIE.

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Q: Are dependents allowed on the program?

A: The scholarship does not include support funds for dependents. Should students decide to bring dependents, they must be able to demonstrate they have sufficient financial resources to support them throughout the duration of their stay.

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Q: What should I do to create a strong, competitive application?

A: The Application Guidelines page provides thorough, detailed information on how to create a competitive application. It is strongly encouraged that all applicants read The Esso Angolan Scholars Program website and the Application Instructions (442 KB, PDF) thoroughly and Contact Us with questions.

You should keep in mind the selection panel will only know you through your application. It is very important to be thoughtful and thorough in describing yourself, your objectives, and your reasons for pursuing a degree in the geosciences. You will need to convince the review panel that you have well developed goals and that you are capable of professional, culturally appropriate interaction with diverse consistuencies.

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Q: What supplementary documents should I prepare for the online application?

A: The supplementary documents that must be uploaded or that accompany your online application are:

  • Official University Transcripts
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • GRE Test Scores if available
  • Relevant certificates or credentials 

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Q: When should I be prepared to begin my Master's degree?

A: The fall academic semester for most universities in the United States and the United Kingdom begins in August or September. Scholarship recipients should be prepared to travel for their program as early as the first week of August.

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Q: Should I take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the TOEFL?

A: All applicants for The Esso Angolan Scholars Program must complete a degree in Geosciences before beginning a Master’s program. Completion of a Bachelor’s degree in the United States or the United Kingdom is sufficient proof of English language proficiency. Although they are not required, you are welcome to upload IELTS and TOEFL scores as part of the application documents.

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Q: Who should I contact during the application process?

A: The Institute of International Education (IIE) is your contact during the application process and throughout your program if you are selected as a recipient of the scholarship . You can contact the program advisors via email at EssoAngolanScholars@iie.org. If selected, IIE will work with colleges and universities in the United States or the United Kingdom on your behalf to obtain placement for you.

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