Application guidelines

The application deadline was November 8, 2014. This application is closed.

Applications are judged on merit in an open and independent review conducted by a selection panel comprised of international education experts. Selection panels will recommend finalists to the program sponsor, who will conduct an in-country selection event. E-mail with any questions or concerns.

The Application

It is very important to be thoughtful and thorough in describing your study plan and reasons for pursuing a degree in the geosciences. You will need to convince the review panel that you have well developed goals and that you are capable of professional and culturally appropriate interaction with diverse constituencies.

The application includes:
a) Instructions
b) Study/Research and Personal Statement essays
c) Nine application pages with itemized sections
d) Registration of three references

Official university certificates/diplomas and transcripts should be uploaded to your online application.

Steps for Creating an Online Application

STEP 1: Go to the IIE online application
STEP 2: Create a user account & login
STEP 3: On the preliminary question page, please respond as follows:

Question 1: Select ExxonMobil Romanian Scholars Program
Question 2: Select Graduate

Continue through the application and submit the form when complete.

E-mail: with any questions or problems.

Additional guidance for completing specific sections of the application:

Study/Research Objective: Write a clear and detailed description of your study objectives, and give your reasons for wanting to pursue them. Be specific about your interests within the geosciences. Include a description of your accomplishments and leadership roles in research and academics. Describe how your plans will be achieved by pursuing a Master's degree and what you hope to contribute to Romania upon return. This statement is an essential part of your application.

Personal Statement: The personal statement is your opportunity to let the selection panel members know you as a student and as a person, and to explain why they should select you for the ExxonMobil Romanian Geoscience Scholars Program. Write a clear and detailed description of your accomplishments and leadership roles in research and academics. Your personal statement should describe your achievements and your plans for the future. Include your goals and reasons for wanting to pursue them. It is especially important to describe your ability to work with other cultures, both inside and outside of Romania. Give examples of your multicultural and global competency.

Examinations: If you are selected as a recipient of the scholarship, you will be required to submit an IELTS score obtained within the last two years to the university. The IELTS test is given to assess a student's readiness for academic study in English. You must be able to read textbooks, listen to lectures, write papers and explain positions in English. The IELTS test simply helps you and the university determine whether you are ready to participate successfully in an academic program conducted in English. For additional information about the IELTS exam and for practice test questions, visit the IELTS website.

You are not required to submit an IELTS score with your scholarship application at this time. However, your application should demonstrate your English language proficiency. If you have any English language assessment results, please upload them into your scholarship application.

Letters of Reference: Register three recommenders under Step Five of the application. The people you ask for references will be able to write more effective recommendations if they are familiar with your study plans and with the ExxonMobil Romanian Geoscience Scholars Program. You can help them by providing each reference with a copy of your study objective and the scholarship program description. Reference letters are an important part of your application so choose your referees wisely. Your referees should include people who know you academically and professionally. No references from family member or friends will be accepted.

Application Submission: You must submit your completed application for the ExxonMobil Romanian Geoscience Scholars program by November 8, 2014. Applications must be completed online.

We appreciate your interest in the ExxonMobil Romanian Geoscience Scholars Program and wish you well as you complete your application.

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