Since 1968, the Foreign Language Teacher Assistant (FLTA) Program has aimed to strengthen foreign language instruction at U.S. educational institutions by establishing a native speaker presence. The FLTA Program provides an opportunity for young, international teachers of English to refine their teaching skills, increase their English language proficiency and extend their knowledge of the cultures and customs of the United States while engaging in non-degree studies. FLTAs add an energetic and up-to-date cultural component to foreign language classes as well as to student life on U.S. campuses. This interaction makes studying and learning languages much more meaningful and real.

Candidates apply to, and are screened by, IIE's cooperating agencies abroad. IIE then receives the complete dossiers and matches the background of each candidate to a particular teaching assistantship post at a host institution.

Once FLTAs have been placed, IIE’s FLTA Program staff ensures they receive all information pertinent to their arrival, in particular their J-1 Visa rights and responsibilities. Once they have arrived at their host institutions, IIE staff monitor their financial awards as well as ensure that they successfully perform their FLTA duties.

NOTE: IIE Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program is different from the Fulbright FLTA Program. The latter is part of the Fulbright program sponsored by the United States government. The IIE FLTA Program has no relation to the Fulbright program.

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