IFP Alumni Tracking Study

Cover of IFP Alumni Tracking Study Report 1With generous support from the Ford Foundation, IIE is conducting a 10-year longitudinal research study to assess the potential impacts of the IFP fellowship. The study is being carried out by IIE's Center for Academic Mobility Research and Impact, which is a unit independent of other IIE program areas that carries out evidence-based and unbiased evaluation and research studies of international scholarship and fellowship programs. The project offers a rare opportunity to explore over the long-term how the IFP impacted the lives of its Fellows as well as the communities in which they live and work.

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How Can IFP Alumni Participate?

The IIE study team is working with IFP alumni to capture the full impact of the program on their lives and communities. The success of the study and our ability to document the full impact of the program will ultimately depend on the participation of alumni.

  • Quantitative data collection: from March to June of 2015, the study team launched the first of two global alumni surveys to be administered during the course of the study. Our April 2016 report, Social Justice and Sustainable Change: The Impacts of Higher Education, shares the results of the survey, which drew responses from 1,861 alumni across all 22 IFP countries, accounting for 43% of the program population. The second alumni survey is expected to be launched in 2018.
  • Qualitative data collection: beginning in 2016, the study team is working with local researchers to conduct fieldwork in a subset of IFP countries. In-country fieldwork is essential for gathering on-the-ground information about IFP alumni and their networks, organizations, and communities. Interviews with key stakeholders and participatory workshops also provide IFP alumni with opportunities for collective engagement and learning.
  • Alumni engagement: the IFP Alumni Tracking Study offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage with alumni and tell their stories. The IIE study team regularly features alumni in social media campaigns, newsletters, IFP Issue Briefs, and other forums and platforms that document the rich legacy of the program.

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