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Corporate Sponsorships

Join IIE in our mission to double the number of student studying abroad by the end of the decade. With your help, future generations of Americans will be ready to succeed in the global economy.

There is an urgent need for U.S. students of all background to gain the global competency, communication skills and international awareness that are critical to success in the modern workforce and economy. While the U.S. higher education system is a world leader and students have an unprecedented range of opportunities available to broaden their world view and deepen their understanding of global issues, only 10% of all U.S. college students study overseas at some point in their undergraduate years.

Students who study abroad learn strategic foreign languages; gain firsthand exposure to key emerging markets, like India and China; develop networks of global future leaders; learn to work with diverse teams; gain problem-solving and interpersonal skills; and, through internships abroad, gain exposure to international teams and office environments.

Benefits of Annual Sponsorship

By becoming a Generation Study Abroad Signature Sponsor you are demonstrating your organization's commitment to creating the next generation of globally minded leaders to an audience of higher education leaders, students, and parents. Sponsorship will enable you to reach key audiences, build important relationships, and connect with university leadership in innovative ways.

Your sponsorship will go to the Study Abroad Fund and enable thousands more students to undertake an international experience.

As of October 2014, over 300 U.S. colleges and universities of all sizes and types across the country, have pledged to double or increase the number of students studying abroad. In support of their pledge, the Study Abroad Fund will provide them with grants and scholarships to help their students pursue educational opportunities abroad.

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From A Student Guide to Study Abroad

"In today's increasingly competitive world and workplace, the skills and knowledge gained from studying abroad can be critical steps forward in the race to get that first job or promotion. Studying abroad, whether in Beijing or Rio, can set you apart and more importantly help set you on the path to success. The right program – and not all are equal – can deliver the '3 C's': competitive advantage, career growth, and cross-cultural success." – Curtis S. Chin, former U.S. Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank and Managing Director, RiverPeak Group, LLC

"Despite the many studies about global thinking, the approach is still in its infancy. At a time when the number of cross-market deals to international markets is accelerating, gaps in the understanding and application of the global mindset persist. One thing is clear: a global perspective will be indispensable in the age of global economies that lies ahead." – Steve Finikiotis, principal and founder of Osprey

"As a 35-year old, I believe that my generation is the last one to be able to use global experience as a differentiator. Globalization has now become a requirement to compete and succeed." – Adam Michaels, Principal, Booz & Co.

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