Global Innovation Initiative | Eligibility


New or existing research partnerships comprised of at least one U.S., one UK, and one selected other country (Brazil, China, India, or Indonesia) institution of higher education are invited to apply for a Global Innovation Initiative grant.

Potential applicants must meet the following minimum criteria:

Led by U.S. institution--Only U.S.-led partnership proposals may apply through the U.S. grant competition, administered by the Institute of International Education. The U.S. lead institution will be responsible for the grant reporting and fiduciary requirements. Partnerships led by a UK institution must apply to the UK grant competition, administered by the British Council.

The same partnership may not apply to both the U.S. and UK grant competitions; however an institution of higher education may be involved in multiple, distinct proposals. In order to be eligible, institutions from selected other countries must be attached to either a U.S. or UK-led proposal. For more on eligibility, see the FAQs.

Meet basic partner requirements--In order to meet eligibility requirements, a partnership must be comprised of at least one U.S., one UK, and one selected other country institution of higher education. The selected other countries are Brazil, China, India and Indonesia. It is permissible for partnerships to be comprised of more than the minimum three partner institutions; however, any additional partners should be from the U.S., UK, Brazil, China, India, or Indonesia.

Adhere to STEM focus areas--Partnerships must conduct research in at least one of the following the selected areas of global significance:

  • Energy, climate change and the environment
  • Agriculture, food security and water
  • Public health and wellbeing
  • Urbanization

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