IIE Syria Efforts in the News

Spotlight Article:

The Times Higher Education: "Refugees from Syria Excluded from Lebanese Universities"

The articles and interviews below spotlight the students and scholars who have been helped by the IIE Syria Consortium, and the campuses who are taking part in these initiatives:

Daily Review Atlas: "Syrian College Student, Violinist Shares Stories from War-Torn Nation"

Chronicle of Higher Education: "Fleeing a Brutal War, Syrian Students Find Opportunity in Rural Illinois"

University World News: "Syria - The Devastation of Conflict for Students and Scholars" 

The Record: "NJ colleges offer lifeline to Syrian scholars"

Richard Heffner’s Open Mind (WNET): "Saving Lives, Saving Knowledge"
with guests Mark Angelson and Allan E. Goodman

Syria Deeply: "A Syrian Scholar in Exile" 

Al-Fanar: "Some Academics Want to 'Get Off the Sidelines' to Help Syrians"

Nature Magazine: "We Must Preserve Syria's Scientific Assets"

University World News: "Ideas and Support to Save Higher Education in Syria"

Chicago Tribune: "Preserving Syria’s Intellectual Capital" 

Chronicle of Higher Education: "International Support Mobilizes for Syrian Academics Caught in Civil War"

University World News: "Higher Education  Mounts Rescue Effort for Syrian Students, Scholars"  

Inside Higher Education: "Safe Haven for Syrian Scholars"

Background on the IIE Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis:

Emergency Support for Students from Syria 

IIE and Partners Join with Global Platform to Expand Emergency Assistance for Syrian Students Around the World (2013)

IIE Consortium Commits to Emergency Support for Syrian Students and Scholars; 33 Organizations Worldwide Commit over $1.3 Million (2012)

Commitment to Action Announced at Clinton Global Initiative (2012)

Syrian Students for a better future: A Blog by Syrian Students who were Admitted in Illinois Institute of Technology-Jusoor Initiative

IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund:

Scholar Rescue Fund Website

Leaders Magazine: "Saving Lives, Saving Knowledge - An Interview with Dr. Allan E. Goodman." 

Scholar Rescue Fund in the New York Times

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