USAID Democracy Fellows and Grants Program | About the Fellowship | How to Apply

How to Apply

Please review the Available Fellowships page for information on eligibility and positions currently under recruitment.

Application Instructions:

1. Download the following forms:

Democracy Fellowship Application Form

Personal Statement Form

2. Complete the forms (including the third page of the Application Form) and email them to  

3. Upload your resume/CV to IIE's Human Resources portal.

IIE HR Portal - Req 611

(CV/resume upload instructions

Application FAQ:

Q: I could not upload my resume/CV to the portal. What should I do?

A: Please email it to

Q: What happens after I submit the application?

A: If you applied to be included in the general pool, you will hear back within 30 days whether you have been accepted. If you qualify for any future Fellowship positions, you will be contacted; you may be asked to tailor your personal statement to a specific Fellowship.

If you applied to a posted Fellowship and are selected as one of the top candidates, you will be contacted within a few weeks of the submission deadline. If you were not selected as a top candidate but you meet the eligibility criteria for a Fellow, your application will be put into the general pool to be considered for future fellowships; you will not be contacted. 

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