Grantee: USC

University of Southern California, Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism


Grant Title: Assessing Changes in Attitudes, Awareness, and Behavior among Indonesian Youth: a Multi-
Method Communication and Social Media Approach to Help Counter Human Trafficking
Grant Period: October 2013 – September 2014
Principal Investigator: Patricia Riley, Communication and Organizational Change, USC
Co-Princiapl Investigators:  Mark Latonero, Communication and Technology, USC
Sheila Murphy, Communication and Social Change, USC

The USC research team is designing a survey to measure the effectiveness of a human trafficking documentary, developed by MTV EXIT (an organization funded by USAID), in changing knowledge and behaviors related to human trafficking, both immediately after the treatment and longer term. The team will focus on West Java, Indonesia, an area of Indonesia in which MTV EXIT is working and which has high levels of trafficking. USC also will conduct a social media analysis of C-TIP activity and dialogue in Indonesia, and cross reference this with the survey data in order to determine what combinations of factors lead to a person being well- (or poorly) informed about human trafficking and how those factors can be influenced.

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