Grantee: Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt University


Grant Title: Human Trafficking Vulnerability: An Experimental Intervention Using Mass Media to Change
Norms and Behaviors in Nepal
Grant Period: July 2013 – March 2016
Principal Investigators:

Co-funded by Humanity United and Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute of International Studies, Vanderbilt’s research analyzes the causal effects of C-TIP awareness within populations vulnerable to sex trafficking, forced labor, foreign labor migration, and bonded labor. The researchers randomly assign different types of C-TIP messaging, varying in both content (e.g., positive versus negative appeal) and format (e.g., graphic novels, radio programming, and traditional forms of information campaigns). Within each messaging platform, the researchers designed multiple narratives, varying the story by age, gender, type of work, and end result. The research is being conducted in 160 communities across Nepal, and the project includes two full rounds of treatment and analysis to gauge long-term effects.

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