The Grants Program

The Research and Innovation Grants offered through USAID’s Democracy Fellows and Grants Program support data-driven solutions to USAID’s development work in the democracy, human rights, and governance fields. To be notified of new Research and Innovation Grants, interested academics are encouraged to join the DFG Mailing List.

IIE manages two categories of Research and Innovation Grants for USAID:

  • An annual, open invitation to academics to submit their ideas for pioneering research that can support USAID’s work in democracy, human rights, and governance. Interested researchers should review the solicitation carefully for submission deadlines, research categories, and other details. Visit the DFG APS page for information on the current Research and Innovation Grants under this solicitation.
  • Discrete academic research projects, developed to meet USAID’s specific research and knowledge needs. These projects will be published on the DFG website and through the DFG Mailing List, as they become available. Review the Research and Innovation Grant portfolios on the DFG website for more information on current discrete research projects.

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