Akirachix Association


Project and Leader:

Akirachix Association
Nairobi, Kenya
Judith Owigar

What inspired you to get involved with this project/organization?

We aim to empower women using technology. We plan to do this by nurturing generations of women who create solutions using technology. As a woman in technology, I was inspired to found Akirachix with a group of friends, colleagues and former college mates. Our passion for Akirachix comes from our shared experience of being the very few women in the technology industry – we want to create more equal representation of women in the industry. All our activities are designed to attract and retain women into STEM careers.

What do you hope to learn from the WeTech Network?

I hope to gain connections from women and organizations that share our vision. From this network, I hope that we can further the cause of women in STEM and encourage full participation of women in the industry. This network can be one of the ways we can energize each other in our respective countries and work, and also a way to encourage women from other countries that don't have similar initiatives to start some.

What is your big dream for girls and women in STEM?

I would like to see more women represented at all levels in STEM, from developers, to managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and policy level. In all honesty, I would like to see a day when we do not have to talk about the problem of few women in STEM because there would be no problem of representation.

What is the goal of your project?

Our goal for this project is to create a generation of solution creators. We aim to do this through our design, programming and robotics trainings. We will further nurture these young women through our networking events.

Who is the target audience for your project?

We are targeting high school girls and young women from urban and low socio-economic areas. We plan to reach 160 girls from four high schools through our trainings, and 500 young women will participate in our networking events including the interschool competition and the women in technology conference. We will conduct outreach activities among Kenyan High school girls aged 13–18 years and organize a networking conference targeting women aged 18-35 years.

Anything else?

Apart from just working in Kenya, Akirachix is looking to work with people and organizations in Africa that are trying to increase the representation of women in STEM careers. We are looking to mentor and partner with these people. We believe that being in the WeTech Network gives us an opportunity to reach out and work with such women who are not just in Kenya, but also Africa and, ultimately, the world.

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