Global Minimum Inc


Project and Leader:

Global Minimum Inc.
Cape Town, South Africa
Emma Dicks

What inspired you to get involved with this project/organization?

I am passionate about seeing South Africans creating sustainable solutions to problems we face. It's not difficult for young people to identify problems, but few believe they have the power and agency to make any change. I believe that Global Minimum is a mechanism for developing self-efficacy among youth so they feel empowered to create change in their communities. I believe that if youth feel they have the ability to create change, a sense of great hope and purpose will grow among young people.

What do you hope to learn from the WeTech Network?

I am excited to meet like-minded people in other African countries. Outside of my South African network, I am better connected with networks in the U.S. and Europe than I am with entrepreneurs and educators in other African countries.

What is your big dream for girls and women in STEM?

I hope that young girls will see STEM as a powerful toolkit for solving problems. I feel there is a disconnect between many women's desire to make social change, and pursuing skills in STEM.

What is the goal of your project?

Code4CT introduces high school girls to web design skills and designing for social impact. Code4CT aims to show young girls the possibility of using coding and web design skills to create useful solutions and develop the girls as future professionals and problem solvers.

The intensive 3-week program sees girls working in teams to tackle a challenge posed by clients. The clients are local organizations whose online presence fails to communicate effectively with their beneficiaries. The girls are required to design a platform to allow the beneficiaries to access valuable information and resources offered by the organization.

The program includes development of HTML and CSS proficiency, a rigorous human centered design process, creating mobile focused websites in WordPress as well as pitching and presenting skills. These hard skills are supported by soft skills development and a series of inspiring speakers and mentors from industry and academia.

Who is the target audience for your project?

Code4CT targets high school girls in grade 10 and 11 from Khayelitsha in Cape Town.

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