Nairobi Developers Association


Project and Leader: 

Nairobi Developer School
Nairobi, Kenya
Martha Chumo

What inspired you to get involved with this project/organization?

Last year, I turned a personal disappointment into an opportunity for greater good and social impact. I was admitted into the New York City Hacker School, but visa challenges ensued and I was not able to attend after all. This was the birth of Nairobi Developer School. I felt a responsibility to bring similar opportunities as the Hacker School to my own country.

What do you hope to learn from the WeTech Network?

I want to meet other women in Africa working in STEM and learn and share with them. I believe that the collaborative effort of this network will increase opportunities for girls to get into STEM.

What is your big dream for girls and women in STEM?

Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg. An inspiring list, but there is a big problem for me; they are all men, and they are all from America. My big dream for girls and women in STEM in Kenya is to see other names in this list. Names like Wanjiku, Fatuma, Atieo. These are the names of Kenyan women. I want to see women technical leaders, speakers at tech conferences, and founders of successful tech companies. I want Africa to get to a point where every girl could get into STEM if they so desired.

What is the goal of your project?

We are working to grow the tech industry in Kenya through training. We offer 3-month trainings on entrepreneurship and mobile app development for youth in Kenya.

Who is the target audience for your project?

Our primary target is youth, with an emphasis on young girls’ participation. We work with students in high schools, universities and youth organizations. For the next cohort, we are going to open 10 tech clubs in high schools and run a training program for 40 young people in Kenya.

Anything else?

We want to work towards opening more opportunities for women in Kenya. We are thrilled that WeTech is partnering with us on this project.

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