Strengthen Women-Led Organizations

WES provides training and support to eight partner organizations, enabling them to operate WES centers using a cost-recovery business model. A team of trainers at each center are equipped to deliver curricula including leadership, entrepreneurship, social media, home-based business and ecommerce. By charging nominal fees for workshops, organizations increase their own sustainability and reach, while supporting women entrepreneurs in their communities.

Access to Training, Networks and Finance

Through WES centers, aspiring and established women entrepreneurs access affordable training, coaching and financial services enabling them to launch and grow businesses. WES graduates form networks committed to sharing resources, creating strategic alliances and advancing professional opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

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At each WES center, a team of trainers is trained to support women entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities. Together, these teams customize cutting-edge curricula, deliver interactive trainings and coach women as they launch and expand businesses. 

Innovative Leadership

An intensive training on breakthrough thinking and communication that empowers participants to lead at new levels in their businesses and communities.

Social Media for Women Entrepreneurs

This training emphasizes the role of social media in marketing strategies. Participants learn the technical skills and best practices for navigating social media platforms as they design and expand businesses.

Home-Based Business

This training focuses on skills specific to starting and managing a business from home including how to develop a sales and market strategy from home, find clients, and balance family obligations.


A cutting-edge training that prepares participants to establish an online presence for their business, and effectively use online platforms to sell products and services.


A comprehensive and practical training focused on developing basic business skills required to start, manage and expand a business.

WES Participant in TunisiaIn January 2011, the Tunisian people peacefully ousted their authoritative government in what became known as the Jasmine Revolution. The revolution was largely fueled by frustration over the high levels of unemployment and demand for economic and social reform. What happened in Tunisia sparked uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa. Today, Tunisia is in a period of economic, social and political change. The first free elections were held in October 2011, and the new government is struggling to address many of the grievances that sparked the uprising.

As Tunisians work to draft a post-revolution constitution, the role of women in a newly defined Tunisia is on the minds of many. This is a critical time for Tunisian women who face new threats to rights they have enjoyed for years.

Against this backdrop and with the support of the US-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), IIE’s Center for Women’s Leadership Initiatives designed the WES program to support women's entrepreneurship and build the capacity of civil society to secure equal rights and opportunities for women.

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