Student Mobility News

Student Mobility News

U.A.E. Becomes a Magnet for Chinese Students
September 16, 2013

Medical Students Head to Eastern Europe
August 11, 2013

Abeducation: New Opportunity for US-Japan Ties?
July 29, 2013

Mexico's higher education sector eyeing expansion
July 23, 2013

UK, US launch global university partnership initiative
June 14, 2013

Thousands more British students to study in China
June 11, 2013

Are students who go far away to college more likely to study abroad?
June 10, 2013

Factbox: Five top host countries for Americans studying abroad
May 13, 2013

Low costs lure US students abroad
May 12, 2013

Beijing wants more in-depth HE links with Europe
May 11, 2013

Africa's future leaders benefit from Beijing's desire to win hearts and minds
April 29, 2013

15% rise in Indians studying in China
April 29, 2013

China and Italy pledge stronger education ties
April 24, 2013

An old ally sends droves of students to U.S.
April 8, 2013

Spanish government launches “Study in Spain” portal
April 4, 2013

Chinese deluge U.S. master's programs
April 3, 2013

In the global competition for smart minds, Germany grows its catch
March 22, 2013

Why do Indians study abroad?
March 22, 2013

English-speaking foreigners earn degrees in Russia
March 21, 2013

Canada welcomes record number of international students in 2012
February 26, 2013

Cyprus keen for stake of study travel industry
February 21, 2013

India partnerships launched on Cameron visit
February 19, 2013

USA: IIE to run STEM fairs in Latin America
February 18, 2013

Students explore non-credit study-abroad options in China
February 2, 2013

The world is their workplace
January 30, 2013

More students opt to study overseas
January 28, 2013

Africa is most dynamic e-learning market on the planet
January 25, 2013

China launches first state-backed branch campus
January 22, 2013

Next made-in-China boom: college graduates
January 16, 2013

Canada wants to bring in more Pinoy students
January 15, 2013

Beca 18 grants foreign scholarships to 174 Peruvian students
January 15, 2013

Impacts of intensive courses on internationalization
January 6, 2013

Billions of dollars outflows to fund Vietnamese students’ studies overseas
January 4, 2013

Massive education complex takes shape in Malaysia
December 23, 2012

New Zealand universities hoping to attract Indonesian students
December 20, 2012

Doctors crossing borders
December 18, 2012

Project Atlas: Student Mobility and the Internationalization of Higher Education
November 27, 2012

More Hong Kong students lured to overseas studies
November 22, 2012

On campus, US-Chinese interaction is surging
November 19, 2012

Record number of foreign students in U.S.
November 12, 2012

China continues to drive foreign-student growth in the United States
November 12, 2012

International exchange increasing
November 12, 2012

From Brazil to Korea to learn science
November 5, 2012

About 24,000 young Bulgarians study abroad
November 2, 2012

Four new Scotland-India education projects announced
November 1, 2012

A Tokyo university looks to foreign students to raise its profile
October 7, 2012

All eyes on Brazil
October 4, 2012

Sweden to boost foreign student scholarships
September 19, 2012

New-world business degree unites USC, Hong Kong and Italy
September 19, 2012

Over 10 thousand foreign students study in Kazakhstan universities
September 18, 2012

Learning curve: with a push, Japan’s universities go global
September 17, 2012

New-look rankings show the unstoppable rise of student mobility
September 17, 2012

China has become preferred destination for medical education
September 9, 2012

Increasing internationalisation in PhD education
September 2, 2012

Incentives to attract foreign students
August 30, 2012

U.S. colleges see opportunity as Brazil sends students abroad
August 29, 2012

Knowing who the international student is will help with recruitment
August 28, 2012

Universities look east, fueling branch-campus boom
August 27, 2012

Go8 and China 9 extend alliance to promote international student flow
August 21, 2012

Indian and western colleges set up joint study programs
August 19, 2012

Saudi students flock to US universities
August 19, 2012

Canada must attract foreign students to fuel innovation, drive economy: report
August 14, 2012

The rise of the multinational university
August 5, 2012

Malaysia to earn RM6 bln from 200,000 international students by 2020
July 16, 2012

Global Education Shifts
July 12, 2012

Indian students eye Ivy League universities like Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford despite rupee depreciation
June 22, 2012

Nicaragua attracting more study abroad students
June 18, 2012

International educators see South America as a red-hot market
May 31, 2012

More Americans to study abroad
February 27, 2012

American Students Flock to British Universities
February 22, 2012

Young British students dodging debt by going Dutch at Maastricht University
February 9, 2012

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