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In 2011/2012, there were 24,829 international students participating in Ireland’s higher education institutions. United States, China and France remain to be the leading places of origin of international students in Ireland.

Fast Facts: Ireland

  • In 2011/12 the number of international students increased by 1.7% comparing to the previous year
  • The top places of origin in 2011/12 were the United States, China, France, United Kingdom and Germany.
  • China sent the most undergraduate and graduate degree seeking international students to Ireland, while the United States sent the most undegraduate non-degree seeking students.

Source: Education in Ireland

Places of Origin of International Students in Ireland, 2011/12

 Top 10 places of origin of International Students for Ireland for 2011-2012

Source: Education in Ireland


Private Higher Education Institution in Ireland: There is no particular definition of a priviate institution other than it does nto receieve state funding. For Education in Ireland purposes we only allow private institutions come under the "brand" who fall within our national qualifications framework, are government reciognised and sign up to a code of practice in relation to student welfare.

International Student in Ireland: Domicile and a person who has crossed a border to study in Ireland

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