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About Norway

Norway is a recent partner addition to Project Atlas. The Norwegian government actively seeks to promote international student mobility and international cooperation in higher education. Norway supports a multitude of cooperation and development projects with other nations, including activities such as Cooperation Brazil-Norway, Nordic-Russian cooperation, Partnership Program with North America, among others. The number of international students in Norway has risen steadily over the last decade to reach 19,000 students in 2012.

Source: SIU

Fast Facts: Norway

  • In 2012, Norway hosted over 19,000 international students.
  • The top three places of origin in 2012 were Sweden, Russia and Germany.
  • The top destinations for Norwegian students to study abroad are United Kingdom, Denmark, United States and Australia. Together they hosted nearly 50 percent of all Norwegian students in 2011/12. 

Source: SIU

Places of Origin of International Students in Norway, 2012

Places of Origin of International Students in Germany, 2012
Source: SIU


International Students in Norway: Foreign nationals studying at Norwegian higher education institutions.

Norwegian Students Studying Internationally: Degree and non-degree seeking students studying abroad for a minimum stay of one month in host country.

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