Ways of Giving

Planned Giving

How Will You Make Your Mark?

Planned gifts provide you with a giving opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the world.
Let us help you realize your legacy and advance IIE's mission.

Making a Lasting Difference

Bequest gifts allow you to leave a legacy with the Institute by helping to ensure that IIE programs continue into the future. These gifts could offer considerable advantages to you or your heirs. Please consult with your trusted financial representative or tax advisor to learn more about the benefits to you of making a bequest gift to IIE.

The Institute of International Education can be named as a beneficiary in your will in several simple ways. You can specify the designation of your bequest, or you can make an unrestricted bequest that offers IIE the flexibility to use your funds where they are needed most. You may specify an outright gift, whether as a designated specific amount or percentage of your estate. You may also name IIE as a beneficiary to receive remainder funds after specific sums have been paid to individual beneficiaries. It may be helpful to know that you can easily add IIE to your will through an amendment called a codicil; your entire will does not have to be redrafted.

Join the IIE Legacy Society

If you have already designated the Institute as a beneficiary of your estate, please let us know so that we can welcome you as a member of the Institute’s 1919 Society.

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