Impact Measurement Session

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Best Practices in Impact Measurement

Growing Pains SessionMonitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities including financial reporting, seem onerous when you are interested in providing the most impact for your constituents. Yet M&E practices help to show or prove to potential sponsors the impact you are making. Plus, it’s an essential piece of governance. In this session you will learn the importance of developing Monitoring and Evaluation practices in your organization, the tenets of successful Monitoring and Evaluation Practices and creative ways to show the impact of your programs.


Facilitator: Nicole Leotaud, CANARI
Facilitator: Shermarke Howard, PriceWaterhouseCooper 

Nicole Leotaud Presentation (385 KB,PDF)

Watch Video: Nicole Leotaud CANARI
Watch Video: Shermarke Howard Price Waterhouse Coopers

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