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Colleges and Universities

IIE’s U.S. Higher Education fair series helps you build your institution’s name and profile in selected cities around the world in a well-planned sequence, timed to minimize your travel and maximize your impact.

Top 10 Reasons why you should attend IIE’s Fairs:

  1. Trust-worthy, popular, strategically marketed and well-managed events with great value to U.S. institutions
  2. Access to thousands of qualified students through IIE’s local presence and reputation among education institutions
  3. Build a presence in all fair host cities and, between fairs, work with alumni and local schools
  4. Connect face-to-face with serious prospective students and supportive parents
  5. Connect with local schools and university representatives to gain additional access and outreach
  6. IIE brings experts to provide presentations about available scholarships, visas and country briefings
  7. IIE helps students navigate and understand the requirements of Higher Education admissions exams
  8. New on-line registration is quick and easy
  9. Additional advertising opportunities in Study America fair guide to expand your reach and visibility
  10. After the fair, IIE provides timely student contacts.

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