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The IIE Center for Women’s Leadership Initiatives (WLI) provides opportunities for women worldwide to participate in cutting-edge training, professional development and exchange programs and pursue higher education. Through our programs, women develop and join networks of peers, mentors and experts and serve as effective leaders in the public and private sectors around the world.

We work with sponsors to design programs that leverage strategic partnerships to engage emerging and established women leaders from underserved communities. Our programs create linkages among individuals, groups and networks, resulting in a tangible multiplier effect, measurable impact and long-term sustainability. WLI program participants are agents for change, mentors and role models. They start and grow businesses and run sustainable organizations. WLI participants lead their communities.



Building knowledge and skills among organizations and the women they serve.


  • Training and Education. In partnership with nonprofit, education, business and government sectors, WLI programs provide short-term training, workshops, mentorships and higher education opportunities for women.
  • Curricula. IIE develops customized curricula for targeted audiences from underserved women to emerging and established women leaders.
  • Leadership. Our community grants programs empower leaders to use their new-found skills and knowledge to extend their work and make a lasting impact on local communities.
  • Capacity. Our programs build the capacity of local organizations, experts, leaders and trainers leading to sustainable and locally driven, long-term impact. 


IVLP Program

Linking women with resources and networks.

  • Networks. We provide technical assistance and resources to build locally-driven sustainable networks through which women can mobilize around issues of mutual interest and engage in activities to advance their goals.
  • Public Private Partnerships. We leverage partnerships with leading companies, governments and NGOs to support and engage women in mentoring, training and networking opportunities.
  • Local Engagement. We partner with local NGOs and community organizations to implement programs effectively and build local capacity.
  • Exchange Programs. IIE administers many of the world’s most dynamic and prestigious scholarship and exchange programs, many with an emphasis on developing and advancing women leaders.


Poh Lee Chern

Promoting women as leading innovators and change makers.

Nearly half of the more than 2,000 Foreign Fulbright scholarship recipients who pursue higher education in the U.S. each year are female.

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Women make up over 30% of all rescued scholars in South and Central Asia and over 20% of those rescued in the Middle East.

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TechWomen participants mentor girls and women in STEM fields in Africa and the Middle East. They launch organizations and start businesses.

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The Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability (WES) program empowers women-led organizations in Tunisia to operate WES centers as social enterprises.

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WeTech participants are women and girls who wish to enter and succeed in technology careers in Africa, India and the United States.

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Past Program

Women trained through Women in Technology (WIT) started more than 60 new businesses in the Middle East and North Africa. WIT trained 11,000 women and provided more than 2,500 low income women with scholarships.

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