SMC President Kathryn E Jeffery awards the President’s Award to Kenta Tanaka, an international student from Japan, at the SMC Global Research Symposium in May 2016.

2017 Heiskell Award Co-Winner: Internationalizing Minority Serving Institutions

Santa Monica College

Global Citizenship

Photo Caption: SMC President Kathryn E Jeffery awards the President’s Award to Kenta Tanaka, an international student from Japan, at the SMC Global Research Symposium in May 2016.

Nomination submitted by: Kelley Brayton, Dean, International Education

Program Overview
Santa Monica College is a highly diverse minority serving institution that also serves the second largest international student population among community colleges nationwide. Its Global Citizenship Initiative has internationalized the college’s mission, culture, and values and yielded a community that works together to create global citizens—students who are knowledgeable of peoples, customs, and cultures beyond their own world; understanding of the interdependence that holds both promise and peril for us all; and committed to fostering a livable, sustainable world.

Through a concerted college-wide effort that grew out of a faculty task force convened in 2008, Global Citizenship is now a part of the college fabric and is reflected in the mission "Changing Lives in the Global Community through Excellence in Education". Year-round programming, including an annual Global Citizenship theme woven into the curriculum, International Education Week, and an end of year Research Symposium with a focus on global issues, furthers dialogue, engages international students, and ensures that the community remains active and engaged in global issues.

Faculty mini-grants bring innovative internationally oriented programs to campus from events such as the fourth annual "Ecofeminism Conference" to a faculty-led cultural tour of Los Angeles’s ethnic communities. The college introduced short-term programs that are more affordable for low-income students, who traditionally do not participate in study abroad, and has set aside $75,000 in Global Citizenship scholarships to enable these students to take part. Professional development programs abroad for faculty to destinations such as Salzburg, China and Turkey require participants to develop course modules and lesson plans that integrate the history, politics, culture, economy and social issues of the visited countries. These activities have worked individually and collectively to internationalize the college community. Since the establishment of an Institutional Learning Outcome focused on global citizenship, an average of 86% of students each year have achieved mastery in this area as measured by course-related learning outcomes. This is a remarkable achievement and demonstrates the commitment of the college community to preparing its students for careers in a globally connected world.

“This initiative was developed and implemented by our faculty, with support and funding from the college administration, and is a testament to how college communities can and do work together to pursue a collective vision. Every single one of us had a role to play in carrying out a plan that began as a strategic initiative and has become a part of the culture of our college.”

-Georgia Lorenz, Vice President, Academic Affairs

Program Implementation:

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2017 Awards Presentation

IIE will present the annual IIE Andrew Heiskell Awards for Best Practices in Internationalization at a ceremony in Miami, Florida on March 14, 2017, as part of the Annual Best Practices in Internationalization Conference.

Selection Panel Members 2017

The members of the selection panel for this year’s awards include the following leaders in international education:

Peggy Blumenthal
Senior Counselor to the President, IIE

Gretchen Cook-Anderson
Diversity Consultant, On behalf of IES Abroad

Arlene Jackson
Associate Vice President of Global Initiatives, American Association of State Colleges & Universities (AASCU)

Anne Waters
Senior Advisor/Special Projects, Columbia University

Brian Whalen
President and CEO, The Forum on Education Abroad