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Anurag Gupta: A Seasoned IIE Alumnus

Anurag Gupta is an alumnus of multiple international exchange opportunities administered by IIE. Throughout his academic career, he participated in the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program, Fulbright U.S. Student Program, and Boren Scholarship Program. Currently, Anurag serves as CEO & Co-Founder at Be More America, a millennial-led nonprofit social enterprise that trains professionals in mindfulness-based tools to reduce unconscious bias and improve well-being.

During his undergraduate studies, Anurag was focused on issues related to international human rights, development, and social justice. While at NYU, he received a Boren scholarship to study Urdu in Hyderabad, India. In India, Anurag sought to promote educational opportunities and community reconciliation. Back home in New York City, Anurag participated in the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program where he was able to learn from a diverse group of fellows and leaders in different fields, “The Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program gave me a global network of like-minded friends from Kosovo to Brazil and Japan.”

After completing his undergraduate degree, Anurag participated in a Fulbright U.S. Student Program to South Korea and Burma. In South Korea, he taught at Chonggwang Middle School, and in his spare time he taught conversational English at a daycare for underprivileged children. While in Burma, he received two Social Entrepreneurship Fund (SEF) grants from the Goldman Sachs Foundation to establish a nonprofit called Opening Possibilities Asia (OPA). OPA is a nonprofit that improves conditions of schools, provides employment opportunities to Burmese youth, and facilitates ethnic reconciliation in communities.

In 2008, Anurag received IIE’s New Leaders Group Award for Mutual Understanding for his work in Burma and OPA. His experiences in development led him to pursue a master’s degree in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge. He used his Urdu language skills when conducting fieldwork in South Asia and completing his master's thesis. He conducted extensive field work in India among Urdu speaking teachers and students where he was able to excel using his language skills.

After completing his master’s, Anurag pursued a law degree from NYU. During his time as a law student, his focus began to shift towards issues of racial bias, social entrepreneurship, and social justice within the United States. As a law student, he researched prisons in New York and he was appalled by the conditions and treatment of low income individuals and people of color in the criminal justice system. Anurag shifted his focus from international development to issues related to racial bias within the United States. Now, his organization Be More America seeks to “revolutionize human relations to create a just and equitable society untainted by racial bias.”

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