Tortoises, Sue Cullumber

Toyota International Teacher Program Participant Sue Cullumber

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Sue Cullumber, a science teacher at the Howard Grey Education Center in Arizona and avid photographer, was awarded the month of December and the Cover for this photo for the 2010 Galapagos Conservancy Calendar resulting from her trip to the Galapagos Islands in 2008 as part of Toyota International Teacher Program

“There is no substitute for on site experience. The professional networking coupled with the on site insights and learning combine in a synergy that is not possible in any other way. Thoughts and points of view become supported by personal experiences and backgrounds. Insights are broadened by receiving the views and knowledge of a collection of energized, highly qualified companions.”

“International opportunities such as these completely expand our worldviews and shift our priorities. My approach to teaching has changed - I have become more passionate about making my students global citizens with knowledge of and sensitivity to international issues.”

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