Huda Yahya, Yemen

WIT Participant Huda Yahya

Inspiring disabled women

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Huda is a student at the Khadija Center for Qualifying and Training Handicapped in Yemen’s Yareem province. The center was opened by the Khadija Association in 2005, in partnership with the Handicapped Fund, to enable physically challenged individuals to maximize their potential in both a personal and professional capacity, to create supportive networks with other disabled and able-bodied people, and to provide them with health care and suitable skills training. During its first year in operation, over 320 individuals benefited from medical care, equipment, and training in handicraft and computer skills offered through the Khadija Center. The center helps participants gain new skills and thus also supports their families and the community as a whole. Last year, with the center’s support, five disabled participants were enrolled in the local university and provided with financial assistance.

The Khadija Center’s achievements and unique view on those with disabilities, has made it a leader in providing services to the disabled in Yemen. Many physically challenged people from other areas around Yareem are showing interest in joining the classes and parents are now bringing their disabled children from the farthest most rural areas of Yemen.

Huda has not allowed her physical challenges or societal attitudes about individuals with disabilities interfere with her goals. She hopes to complete her education and find a suitable job. She recently completed the Microsoft Unlimited Potential computer training offered through WIT and considers it her first step in reaching out to the rest of the world through computers. Huda is very interested in learning more about technology and telecommunications. For Huda, and women like her, technology is the window to another world and a powerful communication tool.

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