Faces of IIE
  • Michael Wing, Toyota International Teachers Program
    Inspired by his trip with the Toyota International Teacher Program, teacher Michael Wing created a new science program.
  • Rachel Ortiz and Susan Mazur, Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Grantees

    Teachers Rachel Ortiz and Susan Mazur participated in the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program.

  • Muhammed Zeidan, International Human Rights Intern

    Muhammed Zeidan is a former International Human Rights Intern well-acquainted with adversity.

  • Edwin Munger, geographer and IIE grantee

    As the first Fulbright Fellow in Africa in 1951, Edwin Munger has become a world-recognized authority on the continent.

  • Pieter van Eijk, Alcoa Foundation Fellow

    Pieter van Eijk, an Alcoa Foundation Fellow at Wetlands International, is piloting four conservation projects in Indonesia and Mali.


Application Deadlines

International Academic Partnership Program
IAPP Finland Application Deadline Mar 31, 2017