Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program | Advisors/Administrators


Advisors have three options if they would like to become affiliated with the Gilman Scholarship Program:

Study Abroad Certifying Advisor: This advisor has the ability to certify an application submitted by a student at his/her currently enrolled U.S. institution. The advisor must be able to certify the applicant's study abroad program information, including performing limited research on applications involving non-affiliated study abroad programs or a program from by a third party provider. The person in this role needs to be familiar with international education programming and typically works within an education abroad office, academic advising office or is a faculty member. This individual should have a strong knowledge base of the U.S. institution's education abroad policies as it relates to academic credit and program costs. This advisor may also be invited to participate in the selection process.

Financial Aid Certifying Advisor: This advisor has the ability to certify financial aid information submitted by student at his/her U.S. institution. The advisor in this role is required to work within the applicant's currently enrolled institution financial aid office. This advisor must be able to provide information regarding the applicant's Federal Pell Grant status and the amount of scholarships and grants that the student will be able to apply toward his or her education abroad program. This advisor may also be invited to participate in the selection process.

Non-Certifying Advisor: This advisor primarily promotes the Gilman Scholarship Program on their U.S. institution's campus. This advisor can be registered to receive important updates and invited to serve as a selection panelist. This person can also order outreach materials and view their institution's application(s) progression. This position does not certify applications and can be anyone who works at a U.S. institution who is interested in furthering their campus' involvement with the Gilman Program.

All new advisors will need to create their own advisor account within our portal.

To Create a Gilman Advisor Account:Alicia Perkins

  1. Go to the Gilman Advisor Portal. Click the "Register" button on the right navigation menu.
  2. Enter your institutional contact information and select your own user name and password.
  3. Select your institution’s state from the drop-down list provided, and then select your institution from the next dropdown list. If you institution is not listed, please email
  4. Select the appropriate advisor type (study abroad, financial aid, or non-certifying).
  5. Click the “Create Account Now” button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Once you have registered, your account will need to be verified by another verified advisor at your institution or by Gilman Program staff before you are active in our system. You will receive an automatic email once your account has been activated. Please ensure that the email address is allowed by your filter servers.

Verifying Account Information:

Before you can view and certify student applications your account must be verified. There are two ways for your account to be verified:

  1. The Gilman staff will review and verify account information as new accounts are created. Most accounts will be verified by the Gilman Program within 2 business days.
  2. If your institution already has at least one verified advisor in the system, that verified advisor can login to the advisor portal and verify your account.
  • To verify another advisor in the system, a verified advisor at your institution should login to the advisor portal. Once logged in, the verified advisor should click on the "Advisors" tab and click on the "Advisors Awaiting Approval" tab. Select "Verify" in order to approve the account.
  • Each institution must have at least one certifying financial aid advisor and one certifying study abroad advisor in order to certify student applications.

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