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The longer girls attend school, the longer the delay in childbearing and marriage—which has significant impact on their long-term economic and social progress. IIE’s Women and Girls Initiatives put their education at the forefront.

As the world leader in international education, IIE knows the challenges women and girls face in accessing educational and professional opportunities. We also have seen the incredible progress that comes from tapping this wellspring of unrealized potential. Investing in the education of women and girls improves health and education outcomes for individuals and families. It also leads to employment opportunities that accelerate economic development and contribute to more stable communities.

IIE created the Women’s Initiative for Scholarship, Development, Opportunity, and Mentorship (WISDOM) to help women and girls complete their education and develop the skills they need to thrive personally and professionally. Formal education and a college degree are critical elements in improving employment opportunities for women and girls, but are not the full solution. Essential skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving help women lead in the workplace and beyond. Finally, we know that women and girls help each other succeed. Female role models and mentors empower young women and girls to envision and pursue a future for themselves they might not have imagined on their own.

By leveraging our deep global networks and century of experience in designing and delivering education programs, we are confident WISDOM will transform the lives of thousands of women and girls. But to provide this holistic system of support, we need support from you. 

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