Q: What is the selection process like?

A: The selection process for each of the four BYLP components is rigorous and highly competitive. In general, the selection process consists of several rounds:

Following the application submission deadline, IIE reviews all of the received application and ensures that they meet the respective BYLP programs' eligibility requirements (please check “Eligibility” section under each program). Incomplete applications will not be read and considered by the selection committee.

Once IIE has thoroughly checked the applications for completeness, it passes them to an independent selection committee. The committee, which is overseen by IIE, reviews and scores all the applications.

After all of the applications have been scored, the top 25% of applicants are invited for in person interviews with the selection committee. For SEP and ELTP programs, short-listed applicants are also invited to take TOEFL ITP exam, which is administered and paid for by IIE. After all interviews have been completed and scored, the selection committee has a final discussion to determine the BYLP participants.

Q: What does the Selection Committee look for?

A: The selection committee looks for exceptional candidates who are smart, driven, open- minded and committed to building a better future for Bulgaria.

Q: If selected, must I attend all program-related events?

A: Yes, if selected you are expected to participate in all program related events such as pre-departure orientation, program related meetings and post-program alumni gatherings.

Q: If I am not selected this year, can I reapply for BYLP the following year?

A: Yes. As long as you continue to meet the BYLP eligibility criteria you can certainly reapply.

Q: If I have already participated in one of the BYLP programs in the past, am I eligible to apply for the other BYLP programs?

A: No. In order, to ensure that as many young Bulgarians as possible have the unique opportunity to study and train in the United States, individuals who have already participated in one of the BYLP programs are not eligible to apply for the other BYLP programs.